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 The Natural Solution Hot Tub Cleanser

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The Natural Solution Hot Tub Cleanser
CODE: Ab188

Price: $39.98


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Directions for use:

DO NOT DRAIN YOUR TUB!  If there is no water in your tub fill it up, but don't turn it on until you are ready to pour in the cleanser.

Turn off the electricity to your tub and let it cool down.  This product works best in cold water.

After it cools down, pour 1 bottle of Hot Tub Cleanser into the tub, turn the tub back on and adjust the temperature to the lowest setting.

Let circulate on your tubs normal filter cycle for 2 days ( you don't have to have the jets running the entire time).  The most important thing is that the jets are in the on position, this means that water can flow out of them, on some tubs you can turn the jets themselves on and off, make sure they are on.

Drain and clean the tub on the third day.  When you clean it use a diluted bleach solution.  Usually a couple cups of bleach in a five gallon bucket will do it.  Use an old rag and wipe the whole tub down.  The most important part is everything above the waterline, the cover, inside the filter housing, the headrests.  If you have headrests take them off and lean them and underneath them really really good.  Same goes for the cover clean every nook and cranny with the bleach water.

Refill the tub, heat it up and begin your treatments with The Natural Solution.

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