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Quantum Age Drinking Water Wand

New clinical trial shows an average increase in hydration of 23.5%

The Stirwand is a pocket-sized innovative water technology to maximize your hydration potential and much more.

The Stirwand uses the noninvasive resonance of naturally occurring high matrix minerals to get the most out of your water.

The Stirwand is the size of a pen, lasts a lifetime, never wears out.

Use the Stirwand for great tasting, super-hydrating, energized water for you and your family. Great for all of your pets' water and watering livestock and for farm and agricultural applications.

Easy to use . . . just stir for 10 to 15 seconds and drink!

   Stirwands are simple constructions of granulated rock, encapsulated within fountain pen sized enclosures of medical grade polycarbonate plastic. Their primary function is to increase the hydration potential of water. Convention will debate this, as inert objects traditionally do not produce substantial results in water. In this case however, a quantum phenomenon trumps a Newtonian fundamental; Stirwands effects are varied, significant and thought provoking.

   Stirwands will make just about any water better. This is a result of the water accepting the imprint of the High Matrix minerals within the Stirwands. One need only stir water for about 15 seconds per glass and the job is complete. For maximum hydration potential however, it is suggested to use only natural, non-carbonated water of the highest quality available.

   The Stirwand capabilities greatly exceed the known potentials of their composition. Common rock minerals sealed in polycarbonate plastic typically do not produce significant influences on water. There are times however when appearances can be misleading. Consider an ordinary rock for example. Pick it up. Feel its weight and hardness. All indications would suggest the rock is a dense and solid object, when in actuality, it is almost entirely empty space. The few bits of matter that do exist, are self defined by their points of focus within an endless matrix of potential.

   These various manifestations of matter exist because their individual consciousness identify with different points within the matrix, those specifically which they consider to be real. If an individual consciousness of matter were to change its point of focus, its outward manifestation would change as well. Consciousness precedes form, and by this process, our reality is manifest via concentrations of consciousness contained within a matrix of potential. Contrary to appearances, our solid and stable world more closely resembles a holographic projection than one might think.

   In parallel co-existence with the aforementioned matrix, is another completely separate matrix, which is a simultaneous realty potential. This can be referred to as the "High Matrix" because matter is remarkably transformed when its consciousness migrates to a point within the High Matrix lattice. Through this method, the minerals of the Stirwands have elevated themselves and consequently exhibit their exceptional qualities. Various tests can be performed to verify this and a few of the more basic ones are mentioned below.

   Scientific studies have confirmed many miraculous changes in the properties of water after using Stirwands. Links to these studies appear below. You may notice:

  • Water tastes better, smoother, and seems "wetter" with a slightly thicker consistency

  • Stirwand water is more resistant to bacteria and mold

  • Plants and animals will respond positively to treated water. Given the choice between Stirwand water and regular water, animals will gravitate to the Stirwand water

  • Stirwand water used in conjunction with cleaning has greater effectiveness

  • Stirwand water is great for treating water to be used for homeopathics and energetic remedies

  • Stirwand water can be sprayed throughout the home for a fresh, energized feel

  • Wash with mild soap and never use in the microwave!

  • Stirwands are permanent - no replacement costs!

Live Cell Blood Microscopy
LEFT SIDE IS BEFORE DRINKING WATER TREATED WITH THE WAND: Shows significant rouleau (sticky red cells stacked like coins which can't deliver oxygen well and produces fatigue and many other effects. RIGHT SIDE 5 MIN. AFTER: Shows free flowing separate cells which carry more oxygen and increased hydration.

Test #1 Select two identical 8 oz glasses and fill with good water from the same source. Place them on a table top or counter not less than 12 inches apart. Stir one with a "Stirwand" for 15 seconds and then compare the two for variations in quality. Do this as though one were judging fine wine. Swish the water around on the pallet and then hold for several seconds before swallowing. Several people may be involved with this type of test in double and triple blind formats, hence the identical glasses. -Typical results of this test are: The Stirwand water will be better tasting, less filling and have the sensation of being more viscous and yet lighter, almost airy, on the pallet.

Test #2 Brew very strong coffee, of one's choice, and pour into two mugs situated on a table or counter top not less than 12 inches apart. Do not add sugar or milk. Select one mug as the "stir mug" and stir with a "Flavor Wand" for 5-15 seconds. Compare for variations in quality. Second, stir the same mug as before, this time using a "Drinking Wand". Stir for 15 seconds. Compare for variations in quality. Thirdly, stir the same mug as the previous two times using a "Calming Wand". Stir for and additional 10 seconds. Compare for variations in quality. -Typical results of this test are: The overall quality of the coffee will be enhanced by the Flavor Wand. It will taste richer, thicker, and yet less bitter. Variations of the Drinking Wand's effects may be achieved by stirring for lesser or greater lengths of time and experimentation will yield one's personal preferences. "Stir to taste", when using the Flavor wand. The Drinking Wand, in comparison, will eliminate a noticeable amount of flavor from the coffee, and the Calming Wand even more. Basically, the Drinking Wand and the Calming wand remove too much flavor from the coffee while the Flavor Wand enhances it. Consequently, the Drinking Wand and Calming Wand are not suggested for most beverages. This test is listed only as a dramatization of the variation of effects between these 3 Stirwands.

Test #3 (for those of age) Repeat test #1, but substitute water with distilled liquor. Very good Vodka's, strong whiskeys and bourbons are good choices, however quality is not paramount. Perform this test with unaltered liquor. Do not add ice, water or additional flavoring. Select a Calming wand and stir for 20 seconds. Compare for variations in quality. -Typical results for this test are: The stirred liquors will be incredibly smooth and significantly improved, even with the best qualities.

Test #4 Stir an 8 oz glass of good quality water for 20 seconds with a Calming Wand. Hold the glass of water under the nose and chin area for 30 seconds. Be alert for anomalous phenomena. Secondly, hold one's palm, (not fingers) 1/4 to inch over the top of the glass for an additional 30 seconds. Again, be alert for anomalous phenomena. -Typical results of this test are: For those sensitive to subtle energies, these tests will illustrate that the water has a remarkable amount of, what appears to be, radiant heat and/or vortex patterned energy imitating for it.

Test #5 Select good quality drinking water and stir an 8oz glass with a Stirwand for 15 seconds. Drink. Repeat until full. -Typical results of this test are: One will be able to drink much more of the "stirred" water than normal drinking water. Resulting affects are, increased well being, mental equity and physical stamina.

Blue Violet - 24/7 Stirwand - For everyday use and stress relief.  All hours.
Turquise - Olympian Stirwand - For optimizing athletic performance.  Day time use.
Purple - Zen Master Stirwand - For relaxation, meditation & calming.  Evening use.
Rose - Warm Heart Stirwand - For opening the heart chakra.  Day time use.
Orange - Guardian Stirwand - For stabilizing, grounding and strengthening.  Day time use. Yellow - Illuminator Stirwand - For stimulating mental clarity & inspiration.  Day time use.
Amber - Gardener Stirwand - For enhancing the vitality of flowers and house & garden plants, fresh fruits, vegetables.  Fine for your water too, just more designed for plants and fish.
Clear - Gourmet Stirwand - For enhancing flavor in food & beverages. Not recommended for beer or expensive wine.  Simply put in, under or on top of food or beverage selection for 30 seconds.  Richer coffee, no more bitter taste.

Here are a few comments from Stirwand users:

"I don't have to force myself to drink water - the Stirwand makes it taste better, and it has a smoothness to it."

"My 24/7 wanded water kept me alert and energized while driving on long trips - and also in a long, boring convention."

"My skin is noticeably more hydrated."

"Baths are more than relaxing with the Zen Master wand."

"I feel a definite increase in energy with the Olympian - it's ideal for the water I drink while working out."

"I drink my "Stirred water" in the morning and am not missing my coffee."

"It takes the bitterness out of coffee."

"I take my wand everywhere, even restaurants.  I can't drink water without it now."

"If I had to choose between my Kangan Water and the Stirwands, as much as I love the water, I'd take the Stirwands because of what they do."

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